Sunday, March 26, 2006

Mr and Mrs Hill

Popped up to Leeds on Friday night, to stay with Booster prior to going over to Chester for Stu and Angels wedding, yesterday.

They're a spot on couple. Well suited. Stu is an old mate, of many table-tops, and Angel is in kinda the same line of work as myself. Alas, Jema was running corsetry workshops, so couldn't make it.

This is the first of (I think) 5 this year. 5 weddings, 5 stag dos, that's one fifth of this years weekends taken up with folks I know getting hitched.
It's like being Hugh bloody Grant. That's a minimum of 10 evenings sloshed. Thats one tenth of my weekends taken up with dressing like an outragious ponce, seeing old chums, and dancing like Jim Hensons last wish with some poor unsuspecting lass (usually Jema) and gorging myself on free vino and buffet food. Sweet.

Spent valuable time catching up with Booster. Saw Nic, always good. Wren did a blinding best mans speech (some of the gags from which I will rob for next week). Glen was, well, still Glen. Big Morris and Juno were there, as was Mesh and Gemma, Mr Morris (and young Helena), the full Hong.

Once again, it was really cool to see everyone and catch up. There was Jameson's behind the bar and I socialised and tarted around until the chief bridesmaid took pity and danced with me.

Shared a 'feature room' at the Chester Grosvenor Pulford with Booster, which had a bizzare spiral staircase and the coolest mirror/TV (
Philips 32" Landscape Mirror TV) thing that would have been perfect on Andromeda.

A good evening, and great to see everyone again.

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JHONG said...

Great to have you there mate. Always good to get the HONG together. We both missed Jema give her our best.
The pic on the blog is great, if you have any more good 'uns then email them over for the uber album.
See you soon.