Sunday, March 19, 2006

Pigs Stag Do

It was Pigs Stag Do this weekend and, being best man and all, we'd sorted some shenanigans to keep him occupid. Went over with Ph@tBoyIan and The Troll, and we assembled plenty of decent chaps that I'd not seen for ages.

Muchos booze, hong, shit head and Pitch Car on the Friday night. Quad Trecking at Catton Hall early yesterday morning (they have a 9 mile non-stop course that takes you through woodland, tracks, streams, rolling hills, river banks and (judging by the state of them when they got back) plenty of mud).

ack for Vollyball in the garden and a mild repeat of Friday then out for a few pints in Mancester (Fab Bar etc.) and on to Rock World 'till the wee small hours.

Pig seemed to enjoy himself, which was the point. Slap up breakfast this morning then played the Call of Cthulhu: Arkham Horror board game 'till real life started calling.

I feel well rough this evening. I'm a walking ball of mucus.

More pics, from Chris C, here.

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