Saturday, October 20, 2007

Log off. Now!

Holy shit on a virtual stick. Ooooh, the drama...

CSI:NY goes SL (the episode is called "
Down the Rabbit Hole"). Brace for n00bs after this airs on Wednesday, October 24, 10pm et/pt. Loads of fresh meat for the Linden Labs grinder, incoming. It's Electric Sheep tho, so at least it'll look swanky. Obviously, it looks bugger all like SL except a few obligatory icons. I am Jack's complete lack of surprise.

CSI interactive 'crime busting' sims (click to see the vid) to come. Apparently we'll soon get the 'CSI: NY Virtual Experience', meaning show fans can create avatars, play gumshoe, wear low cut clothing, flirt inappropriately with workmates, leading up to the second part of this potential travesty that will air February 6th.

Electric Sheep are even creating a special, "easier-to-use interface" so less computer literate fanboys (and girls) have a chance at getting something done outside Help Island (which probably has potential for the future in itself).

Anyway, Not to worry, most of em won't hang around once they feel the lag, witness some anthropomorphised foxes going at it, wear a few boxed items on there heads, and see us for real.

Mr. Zuiker (CSI's creator) will apparently be giving the keynote speech at this year's Virtual Worlds Conference in San Jose, if ya interested.

"Log off. Now!" I smell a meme :-)

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Annabeth Robinson said...

"Log off. Now!" I smell a meme :-)

- hmm, I smell that late 90's show Killer Net!