Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Piper Plays a Familier Tune

Billie is back, says the BEEB, as Rose in three episodes of our favorite (well, long-term favorite) sci-fi drama.

Thank god. It's gonna be an unwholly mess of mis-matched crap assistants (plus Billy) but at least she can act (and will probably just show Tate, Argyle, and even the rodentine Tennant, up really badly) - news just broke on the official site. As Daz just said, "I hope she kills Donna" :-)

Regardless, Sontarans next season (insert "probic vent" gag here), my number one Who villain. Nice new battle armor gents, and a diminutive Young One as leader (odd choice, but might work). Hopefully some shots of mass clone battles and them kicking 7 bells out of the Rutan armys. What, I can dream can't I? :-)

Plus, as I've whittered on about before, Kyle (heart of the TARDIS, mark my words) on Christmas day.

Enough, better do some work and go get a haircut...

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Kitty O'Toole said...

Hi! Kitty here, and I just heard about Rose going back into Dr Who..OMG, so excited as I almost collapsed in a blubbering heap when I heard that Catherine Tate had been cast..she is so utterly useless it's beyond comprehension why they ever cast her. Am I right in thinking Davros is back next year? If so, I think she'll be involved in that storyline in some way. As for 'Corkey-oh-riley-it's Kylie' it seems beyond obvious that she's the heart of the tardis, seeing as astrid is an anagram of the very same word. My guess is that seeing as it's the titanic she won't be able to get to a lifeboat or something, and will make the choice to merge into it to save mankind. or something. I thank you.
Kitty 'spoilers-are-us-'Otoole