Monday, November 26, 2007

Slack Bastard

Sorry, yeah, sorry, I know...

...I've been uber-busy since the opening party (brace for Tribute Island in the press soon) doing interviews and running around SL researching a new project (which is still hush, hush, as ever). Also, been busy sorting out the new Caledon Studios in Penzance, getting the place Bristol fashion ready for January when we'll start sorting scripts, cast (Darkling already has the couch set out) and crew for 6 or more 1 minute trailers that we'll make then get Caledon residents to vote for as to which gets made into a short. The studio lot needs to pay for itself, so it's getting the vendors treatment right now with marketing to come. Terry and Lapin are being amazing help in another of my barn-pot schemes as ever, thanks ladies ;-)

Oh, and the erudite Miss Widershins, of Prim Perfect magazine, may be joining us at the studio for a wee while as she recherches Caledon for the Christmas issue.

I will do some blogging soon even if it's just throwing Who based YouTubes at the screen.

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