Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Touchy Feely Balls

Microsoft Surface (on which I have been frothing for some time), on a ball.

This uses the same multi-touch sensors and software, but 'The Sphere' (TM) is slightly more posh as it looks even swankier and utilizes some 'special algorithm' to project round images. Naturally it has it's own unique applications such as, oh, er, a globe (no shit Sherlock) or a really really whizzy version of Pong (yippee, I'm barely holding onto my fudge).

"Collaborative actions with social privacy" sounds like they're making that up after testing. The omni-directional camera images are nice, and possibly have a place in virtual worlds, but are realisticly unlikely to find a useful home outside the Bradford Museum of Film & TV.

Microsoft Research has no official plans to make the 'The Sphere' (TM) commercially available, but I bet you see one in Tokyo airport in the next 12 months. SLURL would look nice with a zoomable grid map on it, but basicly it's useless cos of that 'Vegas only' price tag of a healthy $5,000 to $10,000.

The future is very cool, but never cheap.

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Unknown said...

It was inspired by that scene from the Wizard of Oz! I was watching it last year and said, "why can't we make one of those?" So I called the Iranian scientist on level -53 and tasked them with making one. The results are astounding