Monday, July 21, 2008

More Tat to Spend Money On

Oh god, yes please.

Original Who and colourful 5" plastic tat, all in one not-too-overpriced MIMB collectible nostalgia trip.
'The Butcher of Brisbane' himself plus added side-order of 'Peking Homunculus' for gods sake. All this, with bits of injection moulded love that piece together to make the Giant K1 Robot. I'm letting them off with Davidson having no celery and a sonic driver (for now).

I'm already praying for a Pertwee (with Bessie/Whomobile/
Venusian karate chop action [joke]), a decent K9, a few UNIT blokes (when UNIT *was* UNIT, Benton, Yates, The Brig., etc.) maybe a few of the quality chick assistants (Jo Grant, Leela, Sarah, Peri) and a Jamie, 3 Dr.'s Omega, Delgado Master (with fencing foil), 1st and 2nd Dr.'s done in black and white only, maybe a Yeti, 1988 'Silver Nemesis' Cyberman, and a proper frackin' TARDIS playset (as it's wishful thinking, a '79 Baker with an extra secondary console room and boot cupboard please) that won't look wanky on the office shelves.

/pauses to wipe away fanboy drool...

Anyway, back to reality, also up for launch is a 5" Classic Dalek Set (Dead Planet, Planet of the Daleks and Genesis). There's more info over at and they should be due late August at only £7.99 a pop from

They can take em out my account on direct-debit.
Big thanks to Lightfoot for pointing this one out.

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