Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Come one, come all, to SecondFest.

Now this could be interesting. I bet Brad will be there selling pills, so he can probably get me in.

A little bird tells me that if you go to the map and look for "Intel 1" then that's the chillout island. Pet Shop Boys, Groove Armada, New Young Pony Club etc., plus Bugged Out (the primo UK nightclub) are putting in a big appearance as well as Radio 1 DJs

This is probably one of the biggest things as recognition for SL, like, ever, and the fact its done by the Guardian will mean its going to at least get a pull-out section. Brace for noobs ;-)

I'm going. Weekend after next. Who's coming?
I wonder it there will be mud?

More, and map, to follow.

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