Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Summer's Here

Time to get away from the desktop and get some fresh air (save for SL time, naturally). Hell, even his knibs might get a change of clothes for the sunny months. So, the blogs gonna be the feed from Twitter, pics from the iPhone, with the occasional YouTube and not much text.

I'm fairly sure I'll get back to the blog again come Winter, but life's too short and blogging is all a bit '2004' these days.

I'm sure all feelings of listening to techno in a field, standing on top of a mountain in Spain, cycling into a blind motorist, watching a shit episode of Dr. Who, etc., can be summed up in an image and a title and I'll be changing the blog header accordingly to reflect the relaxed Summer format. Will try to post pics from SL too.

If you wanna keep up on projects you can check out green/eco work and memorials/tributes at those links and flagrant spamdexing (new blogs for each I'll be writing for at work). Any SL events I'll try to post, but most likely they'll go elsewhere. See ya come the cold weather.


Monday, April 21, 2008

Vollee SL Mobile - NOW!

Pre-register now fro the free open beta at, and kiss RL goodbye...

Friday, April 18, 2008


Now, this I'm lookin' forward to... :-)

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Planning Spain [from iPhone]

Sittin' in the lounge planning this years hiking trip. Looking like Soller in north Majorca. Cheap flight to Palma, Soller Train through mountains, then a weeks walking staying in monasterys and roughing it under bivouacs etc. Set full budget of under £400 for everything :-)

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Last Nights Episode: Partners in Crime

Any educated critique of the 'current world of Who' I will leave in the competent hands of Mr. Lawrence Milles, but I must still have my pound of flesh.

Let me be first to say, it could have been worse. I didn't hate it, but it was no 'Human Nature' either. Thankfully, the utterly shite performance by The Tate that we saw in the trailer was edited around most efficiently, and the plot wasn't as cringe-worthy as initially supposed. Going into this season with expectations lower than a snakes ass in a wagon rut was clearly the right thing to do.

Yes, the ending was schmotzy excrement. Yes, Donna should be hung, drawn and quartered. Yes, every solution involved a sonic screwdriver. The Rose thing just left me cold. But at least I get a new 'Sonic Pen' driver to knock out tomorrow and flog in SL, and there was the nice 'man alone/flying solo' moment when the Doc had nobody to explain the psudo-science/plot to and stood by himself (suitably moody wide shot) in the TARDIS control room.

I'll give it another shot next week, but breath will not be held.

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Oh, cream for me? [from iPhone]

Post Who meal with guests left unattended cream jug on the table, which MUST be for her, surely...

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Acceptable Whoers

I think this says a lot about the current state of Whoisum in the UK (and nay, the general quality of broadcasting if the current Who is what 'bobs' to the surface) when our local paper now has a running Dr Who Blog, c/o our friendly neighborhood Whoovia, 'The Watcher'. Obviously, this is one of our newspapers that's sponsoring this, and my hat's is uncharacteristically (and unsceptically) doffed in their direction. It's this very act of acceptability that's the crux of the first post, and 'Watcher' has a damn good point in his opening statements:

"There were no ‘watercooler moments’ in – I pluck a date from the ether – 1987, for example... ...ask a colleague back then what they thought of Delta and the Bannermen last night and they’d reply: “I think you ought to kill yourself.” Nowadays men, women - adults - wax about the way David Tennant puts his glasses on. But be assured, when it came to seventh Doctor’s spoons, it was no dice, conversation-wise."

This new Doctor Who blog and a major local newspapers social acceptance of the subject matter (all be it to bring in click-throughs of some sort, unquestionably) being proof in point.

Okay, for me I had some grey Who years. Watcher, bless him, clearly didn't. And while I may have the encyclopedic knowledge of certain eras that made other geeks frown, I was so busy taking narcotics, making movies, having sex, and getting a life between 1983 and 2005 that I didn't give a shit anyway. Hmmm, save possibly for the occasional bit of Perpugilliam Brown, Silver Nemesis, and the brief wank-fest of a steam-punk TARDIS in
1996. I was busy growing up. Each Dr. had his time and this is The Year(s) of the Rodent. Let's never forget that our Tom was once a god in this county and could do (virtually) no wrong. I was having a life and all TV took second place, this from a bloke that makes my living out of Who props in SL. To be fair, even now, striking up a conversation about this void in televisual sci-fi entertainment history will, in most circles, still get the piss most heartily ripped. Yes, Who is now socially acceptable, but only 'fashionable' and 'cool Who'. Personally, there was only 1 Baker, no Langford, and Bertie Basset never happened.

I'll keep an eye on this. It's got promise, it's got an RSS, and I haven't stalked another blog for a while. I wonder if he, FoxyTallChick, and Daz would be interested in doing a diagnostic Podcast after the shows? I'll be checking back on him after Saturdays diet-pill effort (a Tate-a-Tate, so to speak, if I haven't committed ritual supuku with a Freeview aerial).

Oh, an' Watcher, if ya read this, I'm gagging for the big fuck-off fleets of the
Rutan Host laying into Sontaran Battle Cruises too, but Steven Moffat isn't writing it and Russell T will shaft it up for the old fanbase somehow (insert purile probic vent joke here).

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Squillions of Fonts

Been meaning to post these for yonks. Bookmarks for Darkle he's been asking for since forever ago. Loads of freebie and quality fonts I've grabbed over the years, lots period. Hope it's some use. I'd recommend a simple font viewer too.

+ FontSpace
+ Abstract Fonts
+ FontReactor
+ 1001 Fonts .com
+ Fenotype
+ exljbris
+ SMeltery
+ Fuelfonts Type Foundry
+ Maniackers
+ 643dpc
+ Blambot Comic Fonts
+ dincTYPE (retro)
+ Font Diner (retro)
+ Blackletter Revival (gothic)
+ Dieter Steffman (gothic)
+ Pirates & Fonts
+ World Of Famous Fonts
+ Famous Fonts
+ Manfred Klein Fonteria
+ Dingbat Depot
+ Moss Valley Dingbat Links
+ Jeff's Fonts
+ Third Company
+ Miffies Fonts
+ Sega Act Select
+ Lovedesign
+ Misprinted Type
+ Cape-Arcona
+ Nerfect
+ Polenimschaufenster
+ fontoville
+ Phantompower
+ Flat-it
+ Apostrophic Laboratories
+ Dr. Berlin's (Foreign Fonts)
+ Yamada Language Center
+ Ha-Fontia (Hebrew)
+ Danielevy (Hebrew)
+ HVD Fonts
+ Astigmatic One Eye
+ StereoType
+ Blue Vinyl Fonts
+ Fontennium
+ Pia Frauss
+ Fontscape
+ Gray Graphics
+ Flop Design | Fonts
+ i2f
+ Freaky Bunny
+ C-font
+ Eutypoce
+ GAU+
+ dwuk Font
+ Sucharaka*Paradice
+ DigitalDreamDesign
+ Petitboys
+ FloodFonts
+ Robot Johnny
+ Chank
+ Graffiti Fonts
+ Stencil Revolution
+ Helldunkel
+ TarmSaft Fonts
+ Larabie Fonts
+ ShyFonts
+ Divide by Zero
+ Astramat
+ Fonthead Design
+ Harold's Fonts
+ Casady & Greene
+ Aenigma
+ Glashaus | Fonts
+ Grilledcheese
+ Beaufonts
+ FONTi (Hebrew)
+ Subflux
+ flow14
+ The Knight Fought Weakly
+ Sonntag Fonts
+ Fontourist
+ @NK Fonts and Photoshop
+ Nawty Things adult fonts
+ Behind The Sun
+ Stimuleye Fonts
+ Simply the Best
+ FontFace
+ TypeNow
+ High Fonts

Font Blogs

+ TypeNeu
+ I Love Typography
+ Type for you
+ Typographica
+ The FontFeed
+ Fontleech
+ This is not a Weblog
+ Letritas
+ Blog sobre tipografĂ­a