Monday, March 17, 2008

Caledon: The Musical

Well, it's 'Relay for Life' time again and parties and birthdays are over, so, time to crack on with some Machinima :-)

This year it's top hats, canes, and chorus girls in swimsuits. Picture, the entire Middlesea Fleet dancing on the bridge of their massive warship, JJ and the librarians tripping the light fantatic in Victoria City Library, Dez and the Gun Bunnies doing the soft-shoe-shuffle in Tanglewood as the Airforce tap-dance across the wings of ornis. Super kitsch and super cute. Shot in all the sims of Caledon, one big musical number, as many people involved as we can but shot in lots of small manageable scenes. All in sync (and Astair and Busby Berkly-tastic). L$500 to join the group, all money to Relay for Life at the end of the shoot (at The Gaity Theatre, with kind help and permission of Ms. Persephone Gallindo).

So, how can you get involved? Easy :-) Chorus Line just need to join the "Caledon the Musical" group to secure their part in this "high kicking, all singing, show stopping, cancer fighting, motion picture extravaganza". This would also act as an excellent Windlight showcase for Caledon ;-) We're open to suggestions from groups, sims, and individuals around Caledon!

We have a few passed movies, the best example of this kind of style being “Pirates of the Caledonian” from RFL '07, at Oolons Youtube Channel.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Top Bender [from iPhone]

Dex wins top prize, voted on by Terry from webcam in California, of the Golden Turkey.

Scully [from iPhone]

Mrs. Gina Troll, looking hot and being as 'alien-blind' as only Gillian Anderson look-a-likes can...

Party Time [from iPhone]

Arthur and Zaphod.

Slowly Melting [from iPhone]

When we went to bed last night, it was totally rectangular. Still, that's what I get for going for taste over looks (stability) by way of raspberry and white chocolate :-)

Monday, March 10, 2008

Avalanche v's Moretti

I was reminded of these 2 today, when I saw
Alfonso and Fuchsia up in the ETC. Now, if you don't know who Alfonso and Fuchsia are then this won't mean Jack, but if you do I defy you to spot the difference...

...scary. This is Hans Moretti & his fearsome wife Helga, from the Paul Daniels Magic Show days. Priceless UK 80's family entertainment.

Anyroad, the guys (The Avalanches) are having a party on Friday night, a "Back the Fuchsia" party in Caledon Wellsian. With a title like that, Alfonso raw build ability, and "
Fuchsias Frocks" just next door, it'll be too good to miss.

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Integrated Social Networking: The Sad Facts

A damn good point (above) and I'd like to apologies to my friends right now. Still, I suppose it's your stupid bloody fault for being interested in the first place and jumping on whatever social bandwagon I do. At least it's my job to look at and investigate this crap. Anyway, truthful comment from Implementing Scrum: The Blog :-)

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Birthday Beers?

Gotta hand it to the Falstaff Brewery in Normanton, Derby, for coming up with some amazing beers pre-my-birthday. Daz sent me this one. Check these:

Romana - ABV 4.3%

Golden amber in colour with a butter toffee nose.Well balanced fruit, hops and malt flavours with a gently hoppy aftertaste.

Sarah Jane - ABV 4.4%

Chestnut brown with a malty slightly aniseed nose. Full malt flavours with a sweet aftertaste.

The Master - ABV 5.6%

Pale gold in colour, fruity on the nose with undertones of dried apricot. Mouth filling hop flavours that linger into the long aftertaste.

Troughton - ABV 4.7%

Babington Arms exclusive spring 2008.

Plus others, inc. Davros, Bessie, Hartnell, K9 and Cy'beer'man (which looks a nice one, tho probably not as tasty as Elizabeth Sladen). Might have to go sample a half of everything then invest in a keg, with Daz's help, naturally :-)

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Top Find [from iPhone]

I'm in London taking reference pics for a new short-term SL project for work. Just had a pint in pub round the back of the DMGT building that I've only even been to in SL, with the landlord who I've only ever met in SL. Very strange. So, here I am with a camera, and I stumble across this little beauty. New TARDIS ext. coming up :-)

2 in 1 Day

Shit. Gary Gygax (the man who gave me the social pariah of all hobbies) and Paul Raymond. (the man probably responsible for my 'bob' fetish and so much childhood literature). 2 serious icons of my youth buy the farm in one day. This is getting serious...