Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Beeb Comes to SL

According to my copy of Braodcast, the BBC is gonna show its first ever full programme "in a virtual world" this Friday. The Money Programme is going to be lookin' at the businesses of Second Life and MMOs.

"Virtual World, Real Millions" is going to be simultaneously broadcast on BBC 2 and at the Rivers Run Red cinema in SL on Friday June 1 at 7pm GMT.

The show will be the usual look at the growth of virtual worlds and will include spiel from the likes of Philip (Lindon) Rosedale, etc. It also features interviews with the virtual marketing gurus Rivers Run Red, which has amassed a multi-million pound turnover by trading inside virtual worlds, and the team behind Reebok's virtual stores. Oh, and GamesIndustry.biz deputy editor Matt Martin and David Solari, vice president of Codemasters online gaming, will be offering their high-frame-biased views on SL (er, woot) but will be talking about the recently launched LOTR Online: Shadows of Angmar, and the programme will focus on issues such as gold farming and virtual crime.

Monday, May 28, 2007

Pirates of the Caledonian

Good night last night in aid of Relay for Life. Thanks ladies!

Just a few bits of video, thrown together, from last nights bash ;-)

Friday, May 18, 2007

Us, and You & Yesterday

Had the opening do for You & Yesterday this afternoon.

That's Adele (all 60s), Naomi (50's), me (Victorian) and Sian (70's), Emma (Victorian), Claire (WW2) and Mandip (god knows) - L to R. Elaine was taking the photo. We dressed up and welcomed some famous local faces and generally posed for the press and extolled the virtues of local history.

You & Yesterday is a big new local history wiki that lets you record & share your memories of past events, people & places in Derbyshire (but rolling out nationally soon, pending trial) by uploading your photos, stories, comments and video. It's got a shed load of potential.

Geriatric1927 (local chap Peter Oakley) came along to wish us well, and even though we had other famous faces and the mayor (who's a marvellous character himself) he was a big draw with us. I sat down and had a chat with him for a bit, and what a nice chap. I'm not prone to the hyperbole of YouTube and the like, but he was a true gentleman.

I recorded a load of footage and I'll be editing it early next week. Will post something here :-)

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Gun Bunnies Forever!

Finished this last night, for SLRFL and the ongoing war effort.

It's okay, but I was lacking a lot of cut-aways and stuff to make it tighter (which was a shame) and I need to get my head round the sound editing stuff in Premier Pro yet.

It'll do though, it's part of the learning curve. Around 9 hours in edit to get this though, so from now on there's no point doing this if it's not gonna be pucker. Post it note on monitor: "Get Cut Aways".

Thanks to Hotspur, Duchess Gabrielle, Lapin, Terry, Zealot, and the Tanglewood Tinies.