Thursday, June 29, 2006

Star of the Death

Okay, this is an online translation from the Japenese, so bear with me and look at the pretty pictures.

What happens when meteorite collide with each other? We tried to find the answers: Simulation Experiment.

We presumed that the collision happened with the earth in order for lucid distance and location.

The diameter of the meteorite is slightly bigger than the breadth of Honshu Japan. The collision point is located at the 3,000km south from Japan in the ocean. The velocity of the meteorite is 70,000km/h. But the meteorite is bigger than we can imagine, so that it appears much slower. In the impact at the same time as colliding. The earth’s crust of 10km in thickness where ground in the earth is composed is wholly peeled off. This is called,”Earth’s crust tidal wave”. There is 1km width of the rock, and it flies to the sky it by the impact. The impact surges to the Japanese Islands and,as a result, the Japanese Islands are crushed.

The splinter of the crushed rock easily exceeds the height of 1000Km. After exceeding the atmosphere it reaches space. Afterwards, the splinter of the rock falls again in surface of the earth. The edge of Crater completed by the collision of the meteorite is 7000m in height. It looks like a huge mountain range. The diameter of Crater has 4000Km. Crater is big to swallow a part from Guam to a Chinese continent. But,it was only an introductory chapter of the tragedy that would start in the future…

The leading part with the accident is seen in Crater when seeing from space immediately after the collision of the meteorite. Seeming as shine to scorching color, and huge mass. The mass of the rock of which this turned into the gas and the name are said, “Rock Vapor”. The amount of the rock that becomes a gas is about 100000000000000kt. “Rock Vapor” extends in all directions on the earth after it swells up like the dome. “Rock Vapor” generated by the meteorite’s having been dropped to the sea located in the south of Japan will arrive at Himalayas in three hours.

In “Rock Vapor”, the velocity of the wind is 300 meters. It becomes the hot wind of a terrific high temperature of 4000℃ in temperature and burns Himalayas. In the world covered with “Rock Vapor”, even a thick snow that piles in the coldest place named Himalayas is instantaneously melted. There is no time to make the river and the snow is evaporated instantaneously. “Rock Vapor” will reach Amazon that lies to the other side of the collision of the meteorite in a day.

Tropical forests of Amazon cause the autogenous ignition for the hot wind by “Rock Vapor” and the region is burnt up. Tropical forests of Amazon turn into sea of flames in less than no time. Surface of the earth from the collision on the first. It is covered with “Rock Vapor” and it turns into a scorching star. “Rock Vapor” wraps the earth for one year or more, and burns everything up at the terrific high temperature. It is the same as making the sun innumerable near the earth.

On the other hand, the accident happens also in the sea. The sea began to bubble violently. The sea boils by the heat of “Rock Vapor”. Tremendous heat of the “Rock Vapor” reduces the sea level at the speed of 5cm a minute. The naked sea bed is relentlessly exposed to the intense heat and melted down like lava. The sea of 4000m in average depth has disappeared one month after the collision of the meteorite. At this point, the earth becomes a star where the living thing cannot live.

Thus, the earth turned into the Star of the Death…
Nice. Sobering.

At least it'd get rid of all the mice.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

The Killing Fields

The enemy has fallen back by squads to the long grass.

While there was a brief flurry of interest behind the wardrobe last night, it is clear that the rodents are coming from next doors overgrown garden and not from the loft.

This is a relief, though it means that the recent deaths can be attributed to the release of prisoners and detainees by
Pixie. Henceforth, she is on daytime patrol only to avoid such repertitions.

Jema bought her a collar today, with a bell and glitter on it. I was instructed to but it on Pixie, but I 'forgot'. I'm still keen on her activly culling the contents of the garden, but without bringing them back to HQ.

There is still the matter of the loft, but this has withered in urgency now it appears Mr Nezumi is not parachuting into the living space from above.

'The trap' should be with us tomorrow. Then there will be a reckoning...

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Faster, Pussycat!

Another 1 chalked up for Pixie (on the doorstep when I got in).

something was clearly found in my absence as I received a text (thankfully just after lunchtime) from the good lady wife, demanding that Pixie be bought "a collar with a bell on it".

Personally, I think this will make very little difference.
Pixie is now 'in the zone' and there is no stopping her. Bring em on. Remember Taft. Never forget. Boo-yar.

I haven't checked the loft today. We are currently looking at that as a different 'theatre of engagement' entirely. We eagerly await delivery of
'the trap'.

Here at Permberly, the bitter-sweet taste of first victory hangs heavy in the air this evening, and the troops are taking a well earned break before late night sentry duty. Tonight, she will concentrate on the lower floors. Confined to barracks to further asertain the spread of the enemy.

We know in hearts that this is just the beginning. We prey, that by the grace of god, this will all be over by Christmas.

Spiderman Trailer Out Today

A year to go before SpiderMan, but the first trailer is out today.

Venom, finally.

Lets just hope it's better than X3, though it's Sam so I don't see why not...

Brace Yourselves

Ph@tBoyIan has a blog...

Pixie 3 Mice 0

Taking this 'rodent decimation' very seriously, Pixie is producing good results.

2 under the bed and 1 (admittedly half alive) displayed with rakish per Nash beside my work bag this morning.

We have ordered 'the trap'. A construction worthy of Acme.

While up in the loft (on recon) last night I discovered more lagging has been taken for nesting material. Interestingly, I also found a half used box of poison up there as well which implies this problem may be a longer term thing than I previously thought. Poison is not currently an option while Pixie is conducting manoeuvres in the building. One rodent, recently fed, could be the intestinal suicide bomber of the rodent world and cause my moggie a whole world of pain.

Neck breakers and comedy trapdoor specials are (for now) the only way.

Monday, June 26, 2006

Dirty Who-er

Mashes, remixes, cut-ups and bootlegs at WhoMix, all with a somewhat Gallifreyan theme.

Some are a bit chuckle worthy and rough around the edges (ie. pants). Some aren't half bad. Some reworkings. Some plain rediculous. Check the Micheal Nyman 'tribute'.

Get down with your midi self.


We have mice.

No, correction, they're not mice.

They're shit-weasels, and they all must perish.

I was up in the loft for the first time the other day and, in amongst a few 1960s black and white tellys and a broken Rotissomat, there was mouse poo and nibbled insulation. Thinking these little buggers confined to the roof space, having seen no evidence in the floors below, I resolved to "maybe pick up a couple of humane traps from Wilkos" and see how we go.

Last night, it was like the bloody Somme in our bedroom. Jema woke me up squealing at 3.30 as Pixie (my usually whorish and somewhat useless feline) commenced the evisceration of a number of rodent trespassers under Jemas side of the bed. 4 in all, one of which even had the audacity to run up my bloody arm while I was scooping it into the obligatory margarine tub.

This morning I found another 2 outside, at the end of passageway left as tribute by Jackies cats. We are clearly infested. This would never have happened on the boat.

Are they from the loft? I doubt it. The lofts of all 4 houses kinda join together and, while we no doubt have issues in the attic, these are small field/wood mice (in my uneducated opinion, of the genus
Apodemus sylvaticus) and possibly unrelated. I've had mice before and they 'don't eat bread by the slice', if you know what I mean. Action must be taken.

Jema has expressed her feelings regarding their 'cuteness' and an urge for me to express a degree of Taoist pacifism in an ignorance of the breeding patterns of these creatures. A bad sign.

Looks like it's me and Pixie versus the horde.

Pixie will conduct operations on the lower floors. She will also oversee operations outside (in conjunction with Jackies 3 cats from up the ginnel). I will deal exclusively with the loft. In edition, we will be operating a token 'look dear, we're being nice to cute little insert-as-applicables' in the form of assorted containers containing cunning trapdoors and chocolate products. This is a ruse, and during operations it will be my ongoing duty to make sure that Pixie is in no way thwarted by my dear lady wife’s sympathetic streak. What she doesn't see won't hurt her.

We must protect those we love from the horror of combat and knuckle down to what must be done.

After all, there is a war on.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Reinventing the Desktop

Folks are always trying to reinvent the desktop/wheel, to bring it inline with that Gibsonian future we were promised and the 'virtual reality desktop' that we see in all those 'slightly futuristic' hacker movies.

This is BumpTop, and it structures files and programs as "3d cards", with weight and virtual physics, which you can shuffle around and move about 'till your didgits bleed. You can throw a bunch of similar cards on a pile to represent stuff you'll get to later, or stack them neatly to represent stuff you've already seen.

This looks interesting to me, I 'order' this way anyway. It's definitely worth a try, though sadly I don't think it'll catch on. Making it too similar to a messy desk may not be what users want. Personally, I like the cinematics of it and it seems intuative.

If you want to hear about further developments to
BumpTop, including beta testing oppurtunities, then sign up for the BumpTop mailing list.

£10 says they get bought out by Microsoft (or Google).

Wednesday, June 21, 2006


Crafty Mrs

There's a big feature on Jema, being prolific in soft furninshing and beading circles as she is, in Julys 'Quick and Crafty' magazine. If you do such stuff, take a look.

It's a good article, and I'm well proud of her marketing acumen if nowt else. In those rare private moments, I liken her to the Nigella Lawson of handycrafts...

...hmmm, Nigella.

we had a quick revamp of Bridal Originals and Jemas personal site last night to pacify the droves of workshop hungry handy-craft fans and wedding dress fetishists that will no doubt be following the URLs looking for frills.

Pass by, or pick up an issue, if you get the chance.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Burning Safari

Burning Safari is a hectic little missive. Give it a shot, it's brilliant.

It was the short film that opened the international Festival of Cartoon Film (FIFA) in Annecy this year.

Made by Vincent Aupetit, Florent De La Taille, Jeanne Irzenski, Maxime Maleo, Aurélien Predal, Claude-William Trebutien
, students of the "Formation Draughtsman of Animation" (according to Bable Fish).

Monday, June 19, 2006

Quatum Jeep

Nice, on the b3ta forums this morning.
I'm always amused by non-Newtonian humour...

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Bunny BBQ

Had a bit of a party yesterday, for Jemas birthday and to christen the new house.

Shed loads of folks turned up, twice as many as replied to the invites, so the BBQ was a bit 'loaves-and-fishes'. Still, everyone seemed to have fun, and we had friends from Leeds, London, Lancashire, Nottingham, new mates from work etc.

We had a whole 'village garden party' thing going on, so we could rip our mates off for some pennies for Rabbit Rehome (Jems chosen charity, and the site that collates details of rabbits looking for homes and puts potential adopters in contact with folks caring for unwanted bunnies). We ended up with about £110 in the end and the weather stayed sweet all day.

Pig ran a well amusing 'arcade', with assorted consoles, and we did tombolas, treassure maps (closest one to R'lyeh got a cuddly Shoggoth; well done Adam, I've never seen a happier winner) and 'guess-how-many-beads-in-the-jar' etc.

Folks have just left. We had around 60, in our little garden, and it was nice to have the luxury to accomodate everyone so easily. Hopefully, the first of many.

Cheers to them what showed up, and to them that gave to the rabbits.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

New Video Nation

There's a new video on Leicester Video Nation from our time on the boat, about 3 years ago, if you're interested.

It's just me, in Pigs bath, going on about floods and stuff.

Seems like a lifetime ago now.

Friday, June 16, 2006

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Time up for Rose?

Okay, big old Who spoiler.

They are going to 'kill off' Rose (hopefully Katarina/Adric style, but I wouldn't bet on it) at the end of the current series of Doctor Who - check the article in the Current Bun.

Oh, speakin' of Billy Piper. I did an image search to illustrate this post and, well, spot the difference...

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

DVD Review – Chigley

It’s easy to talk about nostalgia when it comes to Chigley, but is that all it has?

I’ve reviewed, for ThisIs, Trumpton and Camberwick Green in the past months and, to be honest, I think this was the straw that broke the proverbial dromedary. Don’t get me wrong, Chigley is a splendid nostalgic trip down memory lane for adults, even if it does look a midge dated, but what adult is going to spend 3 hours looking at a dated late 60s kids programme?

Yeah, okay, I did, but that’s not the point.

There’s some prime kids programming these days, quality stuff to be sure, and I’ve found myself wondering if young kids would want to see entertainment like this compared to what TV has to offer. Would it have any shelf life or just sit there gathering dust? Alas, my cash is on the dust...

Chigley, made two years after Trumpton, and was made to work seamlessly with its prequels and to expand the world of Trumptonshire. Life in an English market town or village may be unrecognisable now, but Chigley moves at much the same leisurely pace as both Trumpton and Camberwick and sits in that post-war middle England utopia that exits only in our imagination.

Classic childhood memories are rekindled when, come six o'clock, the whistle announces the end of biscuit production and everyone’s off to the factory dance, with the music provided by a Dutch organ turned by Lord Belborough and his butler, Brackett.

Look out for the episode ‘Apples Galore’, in which Lord Belboroughs apple crop is saved from the rot by Windy Miller and his cider press, then it’s drinkies all round at the evening dance. Even Trumpton Fire Brigade pop down to pick the apples.

It's charming, but it’s not the sort of thing that kids (on the whole) will want to watch (or will engage their attention) more than once. If you’re a avid fan or looking for nostalgia, go for it, you couldn’t do better and it’s a testament to the characters, places and stories created by Gordon Murray that it still works as well as it does.

3.5 out of 5
Extras: 3 out of 5

Extreme Diet Coke & Mentos Experiments

Adrants was discussing the difference in marketing philosophies between Mentos and Diet Coke today, over the chemical reaction that occurs when they are combined. This recently became a viral craze over the web and, reminding me of the phenomena, I went hunting vids.

Oldie but a goodie, check this one from EepyBird...

Friday, June 09, 2006

What's Been Happening?

This blog, of late, is like a bidet. Seldom used, and when it is it's not used for the purpore it was intended.

Life has been busy. Very busy. I have spent most of my time working like a dog, playing The Movies with Jema, travelling on trains (while reading comics), moaning about X-3, watering a parched garden, and visiting my mum. (who is still rough, but is now in rehab at Ormskirk).

Of late, we've been planning a birthday do/garden party for the Mrs ("Hello vicar, grab a glass of fizz...") and watching X-Men (what a shock) animated to make up for that boarder line criminal travesty that graced the big screen recently.

I will try, even if means just chucking bobbo at the site, to get my musings, rantings, links posted a little more frequently.


Thursday, June 08, 2006

Browser Sync for Firefox

Google has just released the Google Browser Sync Extension for Firefox. Pucker.

This extension allows you to save your bookmarks, history and passwords on Google servers, effectively giving you a 'roaming profile,' which you can sync on any computer running Firefox (and the extension, of course). You can restore open tabs (even, it seems, Session Saver) and windows across different machines and browser sessions, the works.

Talk about taking your work home with you. Well handy.

Er, hang on. It allows you to save your passwords on some Google server?!?

Monday, June 05, 2006

Funnier Than It Should Be

"That's what your mother said, Charles..."

Nightcrawler, Omega Red and
Juggernaut are classic!


This is Herman, from Berlin, allegedly the world's biggest bunny. Personally, I'm not gonna argue. Look at the bloody feet on it!

I first clapped eyes on this dude a while ago, in one of our papers, but lost the picture. I'm posting it here for Jema next time she looks.

Herman is totally unaware of his somewhat awe inspiring effect and he's like, "What? Is there something about the way I look? Have I got bed hair?" and then he's all "Here, are you going to eat that lettuce?" (only in a German accent obviously).

If ya gonna have a pet, it may as well have character...