Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Wanted. Virtual Kate Aide.

Here's a potentially interesting one.

Sky News is calling on Second Life residents to turn themselves into virtual news reporters and submit videos about our crazy little 3D world. They've joined forces with the video-sharing website SkyCast to launch an SL 'reporters' challenge'.

The idea is for SL residents to create video reports on things they think "...have news value and relevance to the virtual community". Finished reports will be hosted on, with the best entries run on the Sky News website.

Potential vid-hacks can collect a Sky News microphone reporter package from the foyer of the Sky's virtual newsroom [SLURL] and then throw together a simple two-minute video piece. The closing date for entries is September 30 so there's bags of time.

Thanks to Patrick, from Hold The Front Page, for the heads-up on this one. I've been talking about shooting some SL docco for ages and this might well be the excuse I need. This could actually be a minor way to paint our little virtual world in a positive, non-sensationalist, sleaze-free light for once ;-)

So. Anyone gonna volunteer to be the feisty girlie voice reporter if I do the rest? I can do all the editing etc. piece of cake, but I look like a big gangly badly dressed beardy geek with a baritone and, well, lip gloss sells. Contact me (Nikk Huet) in-world if your curious. Also give me a shout if you have a cool story that might be worth covering and currently lack the resources to make it happen.

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