Thursday, October 13, 2005

Aurora Over Redhill

Jema took this photo last night, from the side hatch.

As you probably know, we live on a narrow boat in the sticks and there’s very little light interference down here on the marina. This is looking over the opposite bank at around 22:45.

I’ve never seen a proper aurora this far south (we live in The Midlands now, on the junction of the Soar and Trent, which is the Nottingham/Leicester/Derbyshire kinda area).

Back in the days when I lived up north it was fairly common this time of year, but you had to get out of the city and sit on a hill somewhere to see it.

Makes it feel like Winter’s coming, time to sweep the chimney and batten down some hatches…

NB: You can get info on daily northern hemisphere auroral activity from the Space Environment Centre in Boulder, Colorado.
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