Thursday, May 23, 2013

Social Media Keyboard Shortcuts for Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, etc.

These lists of keyboard shortcuts (key combinations, like special moves in Tekken but not as much fun, that do stuff (allegedly) quicker than you can by clicking) are hidden around the Internet and I couldn’t find the useful ones all in one place when I needed them. So here they are, the big 4, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, & Google Plus, all in one place. Hope they’re of use to folks (other than my interns). I use some of them all the time, others you forget about because the interfaces are clean enough to let you do what you want quick enough by mouse.

Flawless Victory?!

Twitter Keyboard Shortcuts

Some of these can be a bugger to find via the ‘new’ interface, especially Lists and Direct Messages, so I find I use some of these a lot (when I’m actually in the interface, which I’m not much as I mostly use Hootsuite for Twitter, but hey).

List of Shortcuts = ?

Next Tweet = J
Previous Tweet = K
Search = /
Refresh Fresh Tweets List = .
Page Down = Space

Home = G+H
Connect = G+C
Activity = G+A
Mentions = G+R
Discover = G+D
Profile = G+P
Favorites = G+F
Lists = G+L
Messages = G+M 
Settings = G+S
Go to User = G+U

Favorite = F
Reply = R
Retweet = T
Direct Message = M
New Tweet = N
Close All Open Tweets = L
Open Tweet Details = Enter

On Facebook it can get a bit fiddly in places, with some stuff working in some browsers and not others, but here’s a list to give you the skinny. Facebook being fiddly and awkward? Who knew.

General Facebook Keyboard Shortcuts

Next Post in Newsfeed = J
Previous Post in Newsfeed = K
Like/Unlike Photos = L

Facebook Keyboard Shortcuts: on Mac OS

3 keys to do anything sucks, but at least they have the common decency to put 2 of the keys next to each other. I don’t use as lot of these, but quick access to ‘Account Settings’ has become a regular, and ‘New Message’ is an obvious one.

New Message = Ctrl + Alt + M
Help Centre = Ctrl + Alt + 0
Home Page = Ctrl + Alt + 1
Profile Page = Ctrl + Alt + 2
Friend Request = Ctrl + Alt + 3
Messages = Ctrl + Alt + 4
Notification Centre = Ctrl + Alt + 5
Account Settings = Ctrl + Alt + 6
Privacy Settings = Ctrl + Alt + 7
Official Facebook Page = Ctrl + Alt + 8
Service Agreement = Ctrl + Alt + 9

Facebook Keyboard Shortcuts: on a Windows OS

Basically, these are the same as those for Mac, just ditch the ‘Ctrl’. Just for extra bonus points, if you’re using Firefox on a Windows machine you’ll have to add ‘Shift’ into the mix, plus the stuff below. This is probably some modern day ‘Mr. Miyagi’ trick to turn the youth of today into a secret ninja army. Go Bill. If I had your money I’d try and develop super powers in people too. Anyway...

New Message = Alt + M
Help Centre = Alt + 0
Home Page = Alt + 1
Profile Page = Alt + 2
Friend Request = Alt + 3
Messages = Alt + 4
Notification Centre = Alt + 5
Account Settings = Alt + 6
Privacy Settings = Alt + 7
Official Facebook Page = Alt + 8
Service Agreement = Alt + 9

Youtube Keyboard Shortcuts

Dead simple.

Remember, be kind.

Play/Pause = Space
Rewind = ◀
Fast Forwards = ▶
Volume Up = ▲
Volume Down = ▼
Full Screen = F
Exit Full Screen = Esc
Mute = M
Finding a place in the video by percentage is just 1 = 10% to 9 = 90%.

Google Plus Keyboard Shortcuts

Now I use these quite a bit, especially for scrolling in the timeline, though the new layout confused the b’jesus out of me for a bit.

Key Board Shortcuts Menu = ?

Next Post = J
Previous Post = K
Open/Close Current Post = O
Next Comment on Current Post = N
Previous Comment on Current Post = P
Comment on Current Post = R
Load Fresh Posts = L

Search = /
Send Feedback = @
List of Pages = ◀ (then ‘Enter’ to open the page)
Page Content = ▶

Also try, for shits and giggles if you're bored, try this in chat:

/ponies - OMG!, a small horse runs through chat... also try /ponystream
/pitchforks - an angry mob, AKA Frankenstein charges across chat.
/bikeshed - will swap out the background color for everyone in the chat.
/shydino - a small coy dinosaur lumbers in.

So there y’go. Hope that’s of use to someone :)