Thursday, June 28, 2007

77 Million Paintings

Tomorrow, at 8pm SLT, The Long Now Foundation will kick off the SL premiere of Brian Eno's 77 Million Paintings. This is in sync with the RL American premiere in San Francisco.

Why do I give a shit? Glad you asked. To quote Metaversed:
"The event will open 8 PM on Kula 1 [SLUrl] at The Commons amphitheater which is a four SIM capacity installation, with an interview of Second Life artist Angrybeth Shortbread at the opening. Angrybeth developed the 77 Million Paintings remix in Second Life."
My good friend AB, and old RL business partner, is heading up the SL side of things. This means it'll be ground breaking, breathtaking and all-round good :-)

Here's the openings across Second Life in time order, with each location having its own unique installation:
  1. 8 pm Kula 1 through Kula 4
  2. 8:30pm PDT/SLT at Art Center in Avignon
  3. 9 PM at Leeds College of Art and Design at The Collective
  4. 9:30pm PDT/SLT at Ars Virtua in Seventh Eye
  5. 10:00pm PDT/SLT with Jeremy Neumann, Hooper Sim
The best of luck old girl. I'll pop in to The Collective one for sure ;-)

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