Monday, July 09, 2007

Monthly Metrics

SL have just published their public metrics, which are available through their Economy page or kindly linked here in Excel, Open Document, and Google Docs format.

459,785 a week logging in, lets say 20% are alts, yada, yada...

...not exactly a ground breaking market is it?

Hmmm, and is that just me, or is that a slump on the last load of stats? A slowdown in the growth of Second Life’s population and economy is just what the sceptics have been looking for to say no to investment. Once a trend like that starts it's a bugga to break. I don't hear a bubble bursting yet, but I can see apin on the horizon is the wind don't change.

Headline numbers:

  • Registered accounts = 7.7m
  • Increase of 12.7%
  • Unique accounts = 5.2m
  • Increase of 19.5%
  • Hours per month per unique account = 4.18

In terms of active users by country:

  • US 26.45% up 3.3%
  • UK 7.16% up 22.0%
  • Brazil 7.35% up 52.5%
  • Italy 5.46% up 12.3%
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