Friday, August 15, 2008

Another AV Creator

There's a lot of flash-based AV creators out there, WeeMee and it's clones like Digibody and Dream AV that are designed just to pull in traffic to other services, even to the likes of HeroMachine. All kinds of fluff without having to delve into Poseresque sliders and nose tweaking.

Here's a nice one that I was sent today, if you like this sort of thing.
Face Your Manga. Comprehensive enough to get a fair likeness to add to your IM or Facebook, but easy to get something looking like you in a couple of clicks.

Personally I don't have a use for stuff like this, but it's always nice to fiddle.
Doesn't matter to me, I always look like Tony Stark, Marcus Cole, a geography teacher, Boltar, or The Zohan no matter what I try to do with these things. I'll bet ya this one causes a fad though, watch out over the next week for those Twitter icons changing like sheep ;-)

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