Wednesday, June 22, 2016

How to set a Spotify Sleep Timer on the iPhone.

While setting up my new iPhone - I smashed my last one to pieces recently - I discovered something last night that's so damn cool and useful I'm forced to immediately blog the b'jesus out of it and hail it from the rooftops.

For many moons it's been messing with my OCD that Spotify doesn't have a sleep timer. Audible does. Why not Spotify, probably the most used app on my phone? I've whined about it at length on Twitter and even added to a ticket via Spotify customer services, who sympathised with my plight but nothing's ever come of it. Fiddling with my iPhone last night I hit upon a revelation.

I'm not sure if this is new under iOS 9 updates, but it's new to me. iOS 9 is the newest update to iOS, and launched officially to the public back in September 2015. This is pretty hidden away, but it works - and, more importantly, it doesn't bugger up my alarm clock next morning or (so far) anything else on my phone.

So, have Spotify running with your sleepy bedtime playlist of choice then, from the main iPhone screen, go to the 'Clock' and go to 'Timer'.

Easy enough. Now go to the line that says 'When Timer Ends'. You'll see a load of tone options, but you want the one down at the bottom that says 'Stop Playing'. This seems to shut down the sound on ANY application with an audio component after a specified period. Now just set your desired period of time as normal in the timer and Robert is your mother's brother.

Hidden away, or what!?

That's it. Simple as that.

Ok, you'll have to do this every night, but, SPOTIFY SLEEP TIMER! Once set up the first time it seems to stay set, so you can just ask Siri to set a timer for 20 minutes as your crashing out and it'll do the job.

Tried and tested and now used daily. Go tell it on de mountain.

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