Monday, February 13, 2006

The Great Weld 1.1

A decent cooked breakfast then off to Sawley to speak to the brokerage people.

Apparently, they want 6% for selling Andromeda. That’s a bit crazy I think. 6% of 40k is £2,220, so we’ll have to ask a minimum of £42,500 if we do it though them. Ever penny equates to new furniture.

Apparently though, you just turn up with a boat for sale when you’re ready and they sort it there and then, no queuing or waiting or being on a list for ages. Sweet.

Jem was away doing a Mantis Kung-Fu (Tang Lang) thing today. The ‘master’ is coming over from Italy and they’re all-a-tizzy. It’s ironic that this man is apparently called ‘Mario’, and that they hope to go up a level when he appears. She’s probably standing under a freezing waterfall all afternoon, while padawans beat her with sticks.

I had a go at removing the wooden A frame and the canopy etc., but it was still raining all day so I didn’t get a lot done. I can’t even see a single screw hole. I did manage to clear out the bow cupboard, with my zombie hand and all, and stash everything in Steves paint store. Then I spent the rest of the afternoon fixing things that needed fixing and putting new lights up and stuff.

Tried mumbling ‘brains’ and chasing the cat with the hand, but she’s not impressed.

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