Wednesday, February 15, 2006

The Great Weld 2

I had the day off today to get some stuff done.

I took the front awning and A frame and cupboard off (minus a couple of screws) with the canopy and everything.

Here, I discovered the unofficial 'gigantic hybernating spider capital of Europe'. Araneus diadematus, I was so impressed I looked the buggers up.

I also pulled up the floor and the decking so we can get to the bow bilges and clean it out. Most of this is still welded up and will need cutting away so we can get at it.

I’d not seen the water tanks before. There are two, and they’re enormous. I suppose they would be with her once being a hotel boat and all.

We didn’t make it into dry dock today (shock/horror) but “things are looking good for tomorrow”, apparently.

We ‘exchanged’ today. This has something to do with the new house, and no doubt involves giving people more money, but I’ve no idea what.

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