Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Caledon: The Movie

I'm not usually one for acknowledging the other Caledon blogs here, that's his knib's job, but the post on Bardhaven entitled Caledon The Motion Picture had me chortling into my Nescafe this lunchtime in a 'you have to know em' kinda way.

I've been meaning to do another movie trailer in SL, and will as time permits. I rather fancy a "Carry on Caledon" parody ("Bloomin' eck Jess Patterson, that's a monstrous great erection you got there for the Guvnah" etc., sorry Jess). Trying to prioritise my SL time and spend a bit more time with the Mrs, so not holding my breath on the Machinima front 'till the pop corn hits the screen on O'Tools epic.

Anyway, Oolon's Hugh Laurie apparently, and I can see that. Terry is Sandra Bullock (but I'd go with Tamsin Grieg, for the low budget vote). I must add some more :-)

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