Friday, March 10, 2006

The New X-Men 3 Trailer Is Out!

X-Men: The Last Stand.

This trailer is a lot more story orientated. Thank the lord for broadband. It looks beautiful.

Seems like a bit of 'Dark Phoenix' with a good chunk of the
Benetech Labs plotline from 'Gifted', all mixed in with shed loads of Magneto going full Brotherhood of Evil Mutants on the US Presidents sad sorry ass and having a good old rant about homo-inferior.

Check the bit with Kitty Pride running through walls with Juggenaught chasing her. Look out for
Mags casually pushing cars out of his way as he strolls into town. Now thats what we want. That could well be Omega Red as well. I can't see any Sentinels or the Danger Room, but you can't have everything. Looks like we get some Colossus action too (lets prey for that fast-ball-special) and Cyclops (relativley convincingly) getting his angst out. I wonder who's funeral that is, I haven't seen the Prof in this scene, in either of the trailers, so it's a fair bet taht it's baldie that cops it (like that'll last).

Fingers crossed, eh? I know it's not Brian Singer (he's busy camping it up with Superman Returns), but Brett Ratner is no stranger to action and it looks 'in theme' with what we've seen before.

Come on fella. Don't mess it up.


FoxyTallChick said...

Sentinels are rumoured to be the foes in the Danger Room as a purple laser blast is seen in the first trailer.

There's a scene in the first trailer in the Danger Room with Colossus Fast Ball Specialing Wolverine into (a suspected Sentinel)

Plus why would Bill Duke's character (Trask) be in the film if not for introducing the Sentinels?

As for funeral - it's rumoured to be at the start of the film for Jean and not Prof. X (or Cyclops)

Nik Hewitt said...

Okay, that coulda been a fast-ball special on the end of the 1st trailer I'll give you that, but the thing that crashes down behind Wolverine looks like a packing crate and not a Sentinel foot. What makes you think that's the Danger Room?

If you look on IMDB (a one way trip to Spoilertown) it lists Jamie Madrox/Multiple Man, Callisto, Dr. Moira MacTaggart, Leech, Bolivar Trask (so fair doos, lets hope), Jubilation Lee/Jubilee and Psylocke (as Mei Melançon) as well...

Oh, and do you really join blogger just to post on this blog? V. funny :-)