Thursday, March 02, 2006

Klytus! Are your men on the right pills?

I see Sir Menzies Campbell is now leader of the Lib Dems.

This means, that if Gordon Brown takes over from Tony Blair, come election time it could be a battle between Gordon v's Ming.



Paul Linford said...

Actually what's more likely to happen is that Gordon and Ming will end up in bed together, so to speak.

Gordon knows he might need Lib Dem support to stay in power after the next election, so this week he's been making noises about having another look at PR.....

If anyone's interested, more on my blog.

Nik Hewitt said...

Now there's an image no amount of alcohol is going to wash away!

LOL! You shameless self promoter Mr. Linford! Go on then, as it you and you DO have a worthy point.

By the way, good podcast this week mate.

I was hoping Huhne'd get it to be honest.