Monday, December 31, 2007


Not had any Cyriak Harris on the blog for a while, so, in the spirit of lactose intollerence...

...have some Moo! at the end of '07.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Steampunk TARDIS Key

Amidst the usual crop of Who, SL and Star Wars related products this morning, I also got something VERY special indeed. Jema, my good lady wife, is a costumier and props maker as most of you will know. This morning she surpassed herself.

This, is my Steampunk TARDIS Key. Beautifully combining genre and iconography to make me something truly unique and personal. Hand made in pure silver, it adds a touch of Babbage to an old icon, as I have been doing this passed year in SL with Oolon and the ongoing ETC project.

I have just been discussing this at length with her, and, well, does anyone else want one? As these are totally hand made and unique, in silver, and aged in a sulphur patina, they would probably have to be around the £90 ($180) each mark, but (if I can get enough interest) it's possible she may do a run in a copper etched variety which could retail for as little as £20 (and each would still be a totally unique piece of Steampunk jewellery). In fact, is there a market for Steampunk jewellery in general? Jem has written books on jewellery making/design and this nicely combines it with our mutual love of Victoriana and steam/science fantasy iconography.

Please, if your interested, add a comment to this post and/or head over to Jemas personal site and send her an email (plus, check out some of her Steampunk clothing and Victorian costumes at her other site). She needs convincing that an investment in the etching process for 40 or so of these could be a viable idea and any support from the Who/Steampunk community out there would be appreciated :-)

I'm SO damn pleased with this. These hurriedly snapped pics just don't do this thing justice. The weight alone, and the quality, just makes it feel SO comfortable in my hand that it's priceless to me (and immediately bloggable on Christmas day) already.

Anyway, I'm off to grit my teeth through the Christmas Special, so, "a very happy Christmas to all of you at home" ;-) Please, if you like what you see, drop the good lady wife a line with a spot of encouragement and/or post below :-)

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

He's a Dr, Not an Escalator

McCoy was always my favorite. Nice to see this classic S.P.O.C.K. track on YouTube (even if the vids a bit laggy). I've always kinda sympathized with Bones' attitude and (more importantly) his dislike of transporters. I also have a high number of 'Spock-like' friends who frankly deserve a good ribbing.

Anyway, alas
getting busy again. Lots on at work etc. I'll keep Twittering violently. Will try to post but stuff might go a bit quiet 'till New Year :-)

Have a cool Yule if I don't post before then.

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Early Second Life

Now this takes me back. 1985? On the old ST and the 64. Making 'Howard' dance and all dancing along in the attic room that night his mates came over. Crazy days...