Thursday, February 07, 2013

Pinterest Code to Help Find Your Most Pinned Web Content

Here's a a very simple trick for Pinterest I thought I'd share.

Go to your browser and type this:
(no www)

This'll show you every image posted to Pinterest by others from your website or blog, all laid out in normal Pinterest format.

Go on. Pin it. You know you want to.

I love this. Taking a look at what works is so important in social (and in marketing in general) and it gives a great visual insight into your audience. This is a way to see what's working, what's being shared, and what imagery your audience respond to. Testing regularly rocks, and I'm a big fan of an agile approach to marketing which tricks like this are perfect for. It's also great for seeing what's being shared from the competitions websites when doing research. When a client comes to us with a curiosity about Pinterest it's my first port of call.

If you want to take this further you can try PinAlytics for search and check and out more analytics data, and give PinReach a punt to help identify influencers. Alas Pinterest hasn't release a Hootsuite compatible API so isn't part of the dashboard and there's no plugin, so I use Reachli if needs be for scheduling (which is 'ok').

Well worth taking a look.

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