Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Job Hunting Again. Any Takers?

So, I'm job hunting again. Let me explain:

2 months ago my dad had a couple of nasty strokes. Paralysed down one side and learning to walk again type of nasty. As far as original Hewitt's go there's only 2 of us left, and he needed my help. Consequently, and a massive thanks to Just Search here for being so cool about this, I've had to leave the agency and I've been helping my dad run his epoxy resin business and to get back on his feet.

Thankfully, being the original source of the Hewitt bloody-mindedness, he's well on his way up the path of recovery and I can now start job hunting again.

giz a job?

So, who needs a strategy level Social Media and Digital Marketing specialist? If you hear of anything interesting, gimme a shout and feel free to connect via my LinkedIn.

I'll be using a lot of social tools (I ended up working for 3 years in the US with Monique and the guys at Conversify thanks to Twitter) and a LinkedIn pro account has always seen me right in the past. I'll report back with anything interesting, and if anyones's got any suggestion please gimme a shout.