Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Pigs Stag Do - The Plan

Check your email gents. The plan for Pigs Stag Do is:
  • Beers and smokes and cards (please have a go at learnin' these rules) on Friday night at Pigs gaff in Antrobus (Cheshire).
  • Quad trekkingand shooting at this place (I need to know numbers) at around £95 per person, near Pigs on the Saturday daytime.
  • 'Rock World' in Manchester on the Saturday evening, and probably a mini bus back to Pigs for a repeat of the Friday night (unless we can sort 'lifts').
  • Sunday, big social breakfast and disperse back from whence we came.
Come for all of it, come for just the Saturday, whatever. Just, please, let me know.

- Do any of you fellas have email addresses for Ian and Bob Harrison, Adam Butler, Matt Senior or Higgy?

What are you interested in? Shooting? Quadding? Beers? Clubbin'? Let me know! ASAP please chaps.

Things are messed up email wise with me moving so please mail me at work.

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