Friday, June 27, 2008

TONIGHT: Louis does Lennon

One of the lasting memories for me, of childhood, was the morning after John Lennon died. I grew up near Liverpool and I remember we had a special assembly at school. Mr Lazenbury (I wonder what he's doing now) the drama teacher told us that the pervious night, the 8th of December '80, Lennon was shot and killed in New York in the entrance hallway of the Dakota. He played 'Imagine' on a tiny little record player. I'll never forget it.

Tonight, at Tribute Island (the Lasting Tribute sim), the well-known avatar Louis Volare (real-life musician Louis Landon of will be playing his live tribute to John Lennon and raising L$ for the American Cancer Societies 'Relay for Life'. This will be followed by a 2hr tribute to John by our good friend Gabi Riel of the online rado station Radio Riel. I'm quite a fan of Louis actually, I've been to a few of his gigs in the past, and I'm rather looking forward to this :-)

This is the first in the Tribute Island series of live gigs, in association with Prim Prefect Magazine & Radio Riel. Live musicians performing tributes to their heroes and to those who have inspired them ranging from Eva Cassidy and Syd Barrett to Elvis and Marilyn Monroe.

Just follow this URL to get to Tribute Island [SLURL] for the event. It promises to be a crakin' night, and a big step on from our previous run of music evenings that went down a storm earlier this year. So, 27th of June, 1PM-4PM SLT (9PM-12PM GMT), at Tribute Island. Get here early, as the sim is bound to fill up quick!

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