Thursday, July 10, 2008

Eco Chat in VW

Quick chat environment I threw together this morning as an experiment for our eco site, Big Green Switch. Took about an hour to decorate and get up on the site.


I love this. Anyone can have a swift immersive chat environment in no time at all. Talk about catering for the long-tail, let's just hope everyone doesn't arrive at different times and it's empty (ah, there is the rub, stickiness).

I can see a few of our sites ending up with stuff like this, especially while it's hot and free. Not just jumping on the bandwagon either, but actually providing a user service (if anyone uses it other than curious SLrs). It'll be going up on the site tomorrow and it'll be interesting what, if any, traffic starts to show up. The hardest part for me was getting that BGS logo to sit properly in that frame...

Some folks, for no good reason, seem to be having trouble logging in with their Gmail accounts. I'm fine, but Steve & Sianos just can't log in, it say's 'joining room' forever, no matter what machine they are on. I'm told making the client.exe to be excluded from DEP made the thing work on a mates Vista pc (system->performance options->data execution prevention...) but that doesn't explain why I can login fine on this machine and they can't. Enquiring minds want to know. /shrugs

Hmm, couldn't help noticing the top listings in the
All Rooms>High Occupancy areas are sex,סקס,ישראלי, and SEX, though. Deja vue?