Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Looking Lively

Could Googles new VW Lively be the start of something actually worth-while? Wishful thinking has had me mulling a Google metaverse for a while.

Okay, it's slow and clunky and looks like (well, IS) a glorified chat room, but, add some user input using the likes of Google SketchUp, put those SketchUp buildings into their actual corporate locations in Google Earth, throw in the voice ap from Google Talk, drag in Google Docs and a bit more 'HTML on a prim', stir with the new Google supported Oauth stuff etc. and you got something REALLY usable and browser based. Relatively accessible and you can put it on any blog, website or page with 2 secs cutting and pasting, giving you instantly themed chat based virtual content for almost occasion no matter how niche or specialist.

I had a AV, dressed and up and running, in 10 mins. I'll be mooching about with it all morning, just got a Quick Meeting Room Environment done, give me a shout ;-)