Friday, July 11, 2008

Tribute to Eva Cassidy: TONIGHT

July 11th - 1PM SLT - event posted HERE.

Renowned SL musician and recording artist Cylindria Rutabaga has kindly offered to play a live tribute gig to one of her heroes, the vocalist & 'songbird' Eva Cassidy.

Tonight at 1SLT (pm)
we'll be having an evening of awesome ‘coffee-shop-folk’ and Cylindrians beautiful vocal style. Cylindria will be playing for an hour, followed by 2 hours of Eva Cassidy tribute tunes from Gabi Riel, at the Olive Reed Comemorative Bar on Tribute Island [SLURL].

Please get here early, this is bound to be a packed house! Tribute Island [SLURL] live events are arranged with the kind support of Lasting Tribute, Prim Perfect magazine & Radio Riel.

It's a wonderful world :-)

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cylindrian is grace said...

I am really looking forward to performing today. Thanks for having me.

Cylindrian Rutabaga inSL
(grace inRL)