Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Afghan 100

So, 100 UK soldiers dead in Afghanistan as of Sunday.

This somewhat morbid milestone comes as a suicide bomber detonates a large device killing 3 young soldiers of The Parachute Regiment on a routine foot patrol near their base in Helmand province. This is the biggest single loss of life suffered by troops in the country since last August, when three men from 1st Battalion The Royal Anglian Regiment were killed when a US fighter dropped a 500lb bomb near their position. It's a crazy world.

I've reedited the video, adding quotes from the Afghanistan 100 on the Lasting Tribute website. Alas, probably due to the length and size of the file, YouTube compressed the arse out of it and it looked like a bag of spanners so I had to go back and spend an hour taking out the fades and dissolves and all the thinks that didn't make it look like a half-arsed PowerPoint presentation. Even now, the YT re compression in the embedded viewer is goobering up the text.


Incredible though. Amazing we somehow let this happen. All so young...

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